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Capstone Projects

May 2016

Demanding Difference

Justin Biggs

The Urgent Need for Prison Parenting Programs Qiana Jackson
Failed States and the Effects of Instability Matthew Lisner
The Promise of Feminist Liberation Theology to Address Women’s Oppression in Latin AmericaAdriana Rodenheiser 

January 2016

The Impact of Social Media on Intercollegiate Athletics

Katelyn P. Miller

October 2015

Accessing Art Through Technology: Digital Transformations and the University Art Museum

Janet M. Strohl-Morgan

May 2015

A changed climate created by title IX within HBUS: Institutional Response

Sheena Pierce

Franz Grillparzer’s Der Arme Spielmann: A Search for Value and Meaning in the Life of a True Artist

 Daryl Ponder-Rynkiewicz

The new generation of Cajun musicians

 Kova Herrick

The traditional arts and crafts of turnery or mashrabiya

 Jehan Mohamed

The portrayal of African Americans in situation comedies

 Caroline Watts


January 2015

The Preservation of the Afro-Caribbean Immigrant Heritage

Cassandra Belton

Harrasment of Women in the Military by Male Military Personnel

Margarita Eva Urgiles

Social Media and the Arab Spring

Samira Hassan

A Denial The Death of Kurt Cobain, the Seattle Police Department Substandard Investigation and the Repercussions to Justice

Bree Donovan

Healthcare Reform in the US: Conservative Criticism and its Effect on Public Opinion

Megan Gilbride

May 2014

The Evangelical Gender Dilemma:  From Traditionalism to Feminism and the Spaces in Between   (Advisor:  Professor Charmé)

Danielle Dela George

Terrorism in Africa:  How US Covert Operations Have Shaped Terrorism in the North Africa Region   (Advisor:  Professor Ayubi)

Maria Yates

Corruption in Africa:  Systemic Trends and Proposed Solutions  (Advisor:  Professor Ayubi)

Robert Kelly

“Counterinsurgency in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq:  A Critical Analysis”   (Advisor:  Professor Clemis)

Brian Darling

The Continuing Relevance of Ernest Hemingway for 21st Century America    (Advisor:  Professor Drucker)

Sean Pattwell

Male Performance in Nella Larsen’s Passing    (Advisor:  Professor Green)

Zahirah Sabir 


October 2014

Beyond Work-Family Balance in Academia: A Reconstructive Feminist Perspectives

 Edyta Joanna Kalwinska

May 2013

The Canary in the Post-Racial Coal Mine:  The 21st Century Mulatto in American Fiction

Roxanne Huertas

Pre-Biblical and Old Testament Rape Law Parallels:  Recurring Androcentric Themes in Historic Biblical Text

Jake Jones

Mass Incarceration: The Nuances and Complexities Behind its Causes and the Gaps in the New Jim Crow Analogy

Paul Turkot

A Review of Fatal Child Maltreatments by Parents

Robin Woner


January 2013

The Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Several Middle Eastern Countries

Ahmed Adam

Not All Feminists are Created Equal:  The Colored Women’s Struggle

Lilliana Rios

Islamic Democracy from Egypt’s Arab Spring

Jules Scalisi

October 2012

Jewish Feminist Writers of the 20th Century

Michael Zerr

May 2012

Who says It’s Still a Man’s World? Questioning The Myth of Male Privilege In America.

Tina D. Currado

Team Players To Spiritual Warriors: The Images of the Jewish male in Selected Novels of Philip Roth.

Amy Marie Lopez

Marketing and Its Narratives.

Dariusz S. Malinowski

Adolescent Body Dissatisfaction and the Media.

Lisa M. Forberg


January 2012

Death At Denshawai: A Case Study In The History of British Imperialism in Egypt.

Marc J. Carcanague


October 2011

Hannah Arendt, In and On America: An Emigre From Germany In The Promised Land.

Lois Genovese


May 2011 

Radical Change in the Genre of the Detective Novel: Raymond Chandley and Paul Auster

Devon Allen

A Life at War and the Heroic Illusions Created to Cope with War: A Study of Stephen Crane and Tim O’Brien

Gaye Allen

Religion, Myth, Magic, And Folklore in Rabbit, Run And Song Of Solomon

Rachel Bogatin

The Disneyland of the Jersey Shore: The Legacy of William C. 


Erin Leswig

Heminingway: For Whom the Bell Rarely Tolls in College Curricula

Michael Mullaney

Biculturalism: A Search for Self Through Life Experiences and the Interaction of the People that Influence it

Allene Patterson

Immigration Atrocities in the “Land of Opportunity”: The Path to Social Justice

Amir Seliman

Evidence From Near-Death Experience for the Existence of Conciousness Outside the Brain

Marianne Sheehan

First Corinthians Spiritual Gifts Chapters 12-14 and Pentecostal of Today

Sandra Taliafero


January 2011

Housing First/Harm Reduction Model: The Philadelphia Project

John J. Lambert

Vatican II and the Liturgy: Revisiting Lost Traditions

Mary L. Zimmerman

The Disparities of Obesity and African American Women

Kiyia M. Harris

October 2010

Do Murals Really Leave an Impression?

Julia Meluso


May 2010

Can You Dig It? The Ethics and Politics of Cultural Property

Jeanne DeColle

Welfare, As American As Baseball

Jenna McKinney

James Joyce’s Ulysses and the German Language

Jon Parker

Educational Philosophy: What’s Relevant in Contemporary Times?

Corissa Swinton


January 2010

The Modernization of the Gothic Heroine: From Anne Radcliffe to Stephenie Meyer, a Feminist Perspective

Jamie T. Corson

The Internet and MySpace in Connection with Music: The Various Promotional Tools of the Music Industry

Priscilla M. Pujols


May 2009

Religious Activism and the Civil Rights Movement

Dana M. Forde

Observations of the Hip Hop Music Culture

Michael A. Green

Modern American Counterinsurgency Doctrine and the Roots Behind It: An Examination of How Western Nations Fight Insurgencies

Omar J. Vazquez


May 2008

Poems of the New Archetypes: Madonna, Venus, Eve, 

and the Witch

Roseann Brownell

In Spite of Themselves: A.O. Neville, William Henry Pratt, 

and the Assimilation of the Aborigine and the Native American

Seth Friedlander

The Impact of Camden’s Religious Institutions 

on Neighborhood Revitalization

Frank Fulbrook

Countering the Secularization of the Discourse on Evil: 

An Augustinian Theological Perspective

Lynda Hitchman

Ambivalence Toward Converts in Judaism

Arthur Johnston

Inconvenient Women: In Search of History’s Warrior Women

Particia Meeder

1898: From Isolationism to Imperialism: 

How the United States Gained the Title of Empire

Karen O’Neil

The Problems of Shame and Guilt in Sartre’s The Flies

Noelle Panichella

No to Children, Yes to Childfreedom: Pronatalism 

and the Perspectives and Experiences of Childfree Women

Patricia Vesper


May 2007

Michelangelo’s Complex Relationship with Classical


Rachel Crescenzo

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Gentle Boy”
Bourgeois Perspectives with Puritan Foundations

Danielle Polimeni


May 2006

Post-Feminism and Women’s Return to Relgion

Peggy Gorman

Travel Writing and Social Theory

Bruce Soboleski

The Evolution of Shinto

Steve Berman

Lillian Matilde Genth: An American Painter

Christine Rendell

Homeless Families

Regina Sillitti

Hogarth, Defoe, Fielding, and Richardson Parallels in 18th Century English Art & Literature

Bianca Nagy

Family under the Institution of Slavery

Radwa Elhadidy

An Argument for the Inclusion of Ecological Literacy in the High School English Curriculum in the State of New Jersey

Elizabeth Everette


May 2005

Understanding the Deterioration of Naum Gabo’s Construction in Space: Two Cones

Beth Price

The Dual Condition of Womanhood in Kate Chopin’s The Awakening

Kerry Meehan

The Division of Labor at Home

Jauna Dawson

State of the Union: Social Rape and the Childhood Dilemma

Kevin Cummines

Rights after 911

Baba Jallow

Menacing Strangers, Ineffectual husbands, Vacations from Hell: Lifetime TV as the New American Domestic Gothic

Vibiana Bowman

Doing Environmental History…in the Highschools

Stephen F. Fortis

Course Curriculum Development Tolerance in a Multicultural Society

Lori Ayers

If I Speak in the Tongues of Men and Angels:  A case study analysis of the psychosocial impetus for adolescent Pentecostal glossolalia

Christopher Carpenter

Abbott Cases and New Jersey’s Educational System

Thomas Noel

“Gnostic” Mary Magdalene

Barbara Menna


May 2004

Will the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 Get Left Behind?

Ivan R. Cartagena

The Art of Manipulation in Literature

Elaine Winder

Recognizing Though Reform in Cult Groups

Janice Viola

Jihad in Early Islam

Ruth Parker-Bey

From Whitman to Wilde: A cultural Perspective on Individualism at the Fin-de-Siecle

Keith Carson

Deconstruction Aunt Jemima: A Black Feminist Approach

Rosemary Banks

Behold The “Burning” Bush: Manipulation, Lies, and Doublespeak

David Nastasi

A Solution to Managed Care Issues in Pediatrics

Tina Cressman


May 2003

The Rise and Fall of Willow Grove Park: 1896-1976

Thomas Stranc

Revolution and Realism: The French Revolution and the American Civil War

Janet Hoerst

Police Brutality and African Americans: A historical perspective of the socioeconomic relationships between blacks and whites, and the concept of the race, in relation toits assault on Black America.

Stephanie Hightowers

King Richard III – Caluated Killer of Courageous King? A Journey Shakespeare and Modern-Day Historians

JoAnn Mower

Body Image and The Workplace

Caroline Towsend

Between Two Fires: The Role of Native America in the French-Indian War

Adam Smith


May 2002

Yemenite Jews in Israel

Megan Fitzgerald

The Wounded Earth: Milton’s Deconstruction of Christianity

Ken Hiltner

Educational Reform: Charter Schools

Ector Quiles

Pearl (a short story)

Timothy Hassell

Hardy as an Anti-Arnoldian: Tess of the d’Urbervilles

Eun-Young Koh

An Examination of Heroism in the American Private Detective

Kitty Hoover


May 2001

The Rebirth of Main Street America: Revitalizing the Old Downtown

Natasha Tursi

Rationality and the Supreme Court: The Capital Punishment Controversy

Jennifer Pantano

Creating a High School Curriculum Introducing Students to Women’s Studies

Lisa Anne Cooper

Cathedrals: Microcosms of the Universe

Catherine Spraque

Black Theology and its Role In the African American Community

Alecia Caldwell


May 2000

The Thought of American Individualist William Graham Sumner

Gregg Walkes

The Reception of the Deputy: A continuing Controversy

Aileen Gergely

The Rational of Serial Killers

Melissa Mclaughlin

The Last Taboo-Perspectives on Voluntary childlessness

Patricia Armitage

Sword of Justice: The Story of Judith

Peggy Russell

Spirit Possession in the Shaker and Baptist Traditions

Nia Abuwi

Recovered Memories V. False Memories

Jayne Ulmer

Examining the American Dream in Literature

Michele De Fulvio

A Visual Approach tot he Architecture of Sacred Buildings

Theresa Giandomenico

Three-Quarter Time

Gerald Williams

Sampling Along The Continuum of Feminist Thought: Enlightenment to the 20th Century

Elizabeth E. Johnson


May 1999

Walt Whitman’s Poetry through Music

Loretta Wood

The Theater District of London Gives Rise to A Childhood Fairy Tale

Sandra Wilson

Melodies and Mayhem: A Social History of Music and War

Jayne Vautour

Children’s amd Adolescents’ Behavior at Funerals: An Observational Account

James Ridge

Charles M. Schwab

Angelo Iossa

Attention Disorders: from Cause to Treatment

Tamara Angelino

Allopathic, Ethnocentric and Alternative Medicine Use Among Pediatric Patients in an Urban Emergency

Barbara Duffy

Grounding Affirmative Action

Christopher Harty


May 1998

The Black Church: Purpose and Function

Wade Stevens

Science and Nonsense: The Genesis of Darwinisticism

Dennis McGrath

Resurrecting the Great Mother: The Quest for the Modern Madonna

Carole Diamond

Faerielore: A Comparison of Faerieland Representation Between Poetry and Music

Annette Holba

Christa Wolf on Depressions, Death and Dying in Society

Blanca Figueroa

Addiction: Its Possible Causes, Symptoms and Recovery From

James Gordon


Jan 1997

Metamorphosis: The Journey of Initiation

Jackie Morfesis