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January 2013

  • The Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Several Middle Eastern Countries – Ahmed Adam
  • Not All Feminists are Created Equal: The Colored Women’s Struggle – Lilliana Rios
  • Islamic Democracy from Egypt’s Arab Spring – Jules Scalisi

October 2012

  • Jewish Feminist Writers of the 20th Century – Michael Zerr

May 2012

  • Who says It’s Still a Man’s World? Questioning The Myth of Male Privilege In America. – Tina D. Currado
  • Team Players To Spiritual Warriors: The Images of the Jewish male in Selected Novels of Philip Roth. – Amy Marie Lopez
  • Marketing and Its Narratives. – Dariusz S. Malinowski
  • Adolescent Body Dissatisfaction and the Media. – Lisa M. Forberg

January 2012

  • Death At Denshawai: A Case Study In The History of British Imperialism in Egypt. – Marc J. Carcanague

October 2011

  • Hannah Arendt, In and On America: An Emigre From Germany In The Promised Land. – Lois Genovese

May 2011

  • Radical Change in the Genre of the Detective Novel: Raymond Chandley and Paul Auster – Devon Allen
  • A Life at War and the Heroic Illusions Created to Cope with War: A Study of Stephen Crane and Tim O’Brien – Gaye Allen
  • Religion, Myth, Magic, And Folklore in Rabbit, Run And Song Of Solomon – Rachel Bogatin
  • The Disneyland of the Jersey Shore: The Legacy of William C. Hunt – Erin Leswig
  • Heminingway: For Whom the Bell Rarely Tolls in College Curricula – Michael Mullaney
  • Biculturalism: A Search for Self Through Life Experiences and the Interaction of the People that Influence it – Allene Patterson
  • Immigration Atrocities in the “Land of Opportunity”: The Path to Social Justice – Amir Seliman
  • Evidence From Near-Death Experience for the Existence of Conciousness Outside the Brain – Marianne Sheehan
  • First Corinthians Spiritual Gifts Chapters 12-14 and Pentecostal of Today – Sandra Taliafero

January 2011

  • Housing First/Harm Reduction Model: The Philadelphia Project – John J. Lambert
  • Vatican II and the Liturgy: Revisiting Lost Traditions – Mary L. Zimmerman
  • The Disparities of Obesity and African American Women – Kiyia M. Harris

October 2010

  • Do Murals Really Leave an Impression? – Julia Meluso

May 2010

  • Can You Dig It? The Ethics and Politics of Cultural Property – Jeanne DeColle
  • Welfare, As American As Baseball – Jenna McKinney
  • James Joyce’s Ulysses and the German Language – Jon Parker
  • Educational Philosophy: What’s Relevant in Contemporary Times? – Corissa Swinton

January 2010

  • The Modernization of the Gothic Heroine: From Anne Radcliffe to Stephenie Meyer, a Feminist Perspective – Jamie T. Corson
  • The Internet and MySpace in Connection with Music: The Various Promotional Tools of the Music Industry – Priscilla M. Pujols

May 2009

  • Religious Activism and the Civil Rights Movement – Dana M. Forde
  • Observations of the Hip Hop Music Culture – Michael A. Green
  • Modern American Counterinsurgency Doctrine and the Roots Behind It: An Examination of How Western Nations Fight Insurgencies – Omar J. Vazquez

May 2008

  • Poems of the New Archetypes: Madonna, Venus, Eve, and the Witch – Roseann Brownell
  • In Spite of Themselves: A.O. Neville, William Henry Pratt, and the Assimilation of the Aborigine and the Native American – Seth Friedlander
  • The Impact of Camden’s Religious Institutions on Neighborhood Revitalization – Frank Fulbrook
  • Countering the Secularization of the Discourse on Evil: An Augustinian Theological Perspective – Lynda Hitchman
  • Ambivalence Toward Converts in Judaism – Arthur Johnston
  • Inconvenient Women: In Search of History’s Warrior Women – Particia Meeder
  • 1898: From Isolationism to Imperialism: How the United States Gained the Title of Empire – Karen O’Neil
  • The Problems of Shame and Guilt in Sartre’s The Flies – Noelle Panichella
  • No to Children, Yes to Childfreedom: Pronatalism and the Perspectives and Experiences of Childfree Women – Patricia Vesper

May 2007

  • Michelangelo’s Complex Relationship with Classical Antiquity – Rachel Crescenzo
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Gentle Boy” Bourgeois Perspectives with Puritan Foundations – Danielle Polimeni

May 2006

  • Post-Feminism and Women’s Return to Relgion – Peggy Gorman
  • Travel Writing and Social Theory – Bruce Soboleski
  • The Evolution of Shinto – Steve Berman
  • Lillian Matilde Genth: An American Painter – Christine Rendell
  • Homeless Families – Regina Sillitti
  • Hogarth, Defoe, Fielding, and Richardson Parallels in 18th Century English Art & Literature – Bianca Nagy
  • Family under the Institution of Slavery – Radwa Elhadidy
  • An Argument for the Inclusion of Ecological Literacy in the High School English Curriculum in the State of New Jersey – Elizabeth Everette

May 2005

  • Understanding the Deterioration of Naum Gabo’s Construction in Space: Two Cones – Beth Price
  • The Dual Condition of Womanhood in Kate Chopin’s The Awakening – Kerry Meehan
  • The Division of Labor at Home – Jauna Dawson
  • State of the Union: Social Rape and the Childhood Dilemma – Kevin Cummines
  • Rights after 911 – Baba Jallow
  • Menacing Strangers, Ineffectual husbands, Vacations from Hell: Lifetime TV as the New American Domestic Gothic – Vibiana Bowman
  • Doing Environmental History…in the Highschools – Stephen F. Fortis
  • Course Curriculum Development Tolerance in a Multicultural Society – Lori Ayers
  • If I Speak in the Tongues of Men and Angels: A case study analysis of the psychosocial impetus for adolescent Pentecostal glossolalia – Christopher Carpenter
  • Abbott Cases and New Jersey’s Educational System – Thomas Noel
  • “Gnostic” Mary Magdalene – Barbara Menna

May 2004

  • Will the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 Get Left Behind? – Ivan R. Cartagena
  • The Art of Manipulation in Literature – Elaine Winder
  • Recognizing Though Reform in Cult Groups – Janice Viola
  • Jihad in Early Islam – Ruth Parker-Bey
  • From Whitman to Wilde: A cultural Perspective on Individualism at the Fin-de-Siecle – Keith Carson
  • Deconstruction Aunt Jemima: A Black Feminist Approach – Rosemary Banks
  • Behold The “Burning” Bush: Manipulation, Lies, and Doublespeak – David Nastasi
  • A Solution to Managed Care Issues in Pediatrics – Tina Cressman

May 2003

  • The Rise and Fall of Willow Grove Park: 1896-1976 – Thomas Stranc
  • Revolution and Realism: The French Revolution and the American Civil War – Janet Hoerst
  • Police Brutality and African Americans: A historical perspective of the socioeconomic relationships between blacks and whites, and the concept of the race, in relation toits assault on Black America. – Stephanie Hightowers
  • King Richard III – Caluated Killer of Courageous King? A Journey Shakespeare and Modern-Day Historians – JoAnn Mower
  • Body Image and The Workplace – Caroline Towsend
  • Between Two Fires: The Role of Native America in the French-Indian War – Adam Smith

May 2002

  • Yemenite Jews in Israel – Megan Fitzgerald
  • The Wounded Earth: Milton’s Deconstruction of Christianity – Ken Hiltner
  • Educational Reform: Charter Schools – Ector Quiles
  • Pearl (a short story) – Timothy Hassell
  • Hardy as an Anti-Arnoldian: Tess of the d’Urbervilles – Eun-Young Koh
  • An Examination of Heroism in the American Private Detective – Kitty Hoover

May 2001

  • The Rebirth of Main Street America: Revitalizing the Old Downtown – Natasha Tursi
  • Rationality and the Supreme Court: The Capital Punishment Controversy – Jennifer Pantano
  • Creating a High School Curriculum Introducing Students to Women’s Studies – Lisa Anne Cooper
  • Cathedrals: Microcosms of the Universe – Catherine Spraque
  • Black Theology and its Role In the African American Community – Alecia Caldwell
  • May 2000
  • The Thought of American Individualist William Graham Sumner – Gregg Walkes
  • The Reception of the Deputy: A continuing Controversy – Aileen Gergely
  • The Rational of Serial Killers – Melissa Mclaughlin
  • The Last Taboo-Perspectives on Voluntary childlessness – Patricia Armitage
  • Sword of Justice: The Story of Judith – Peggy Russell
  • Spirit Possession in the Shaker and Baptist Traditions – Nia Abuwi
  • Recovered Memories V. False Memories – Jayne Ulmer
  • Examining the American Dream in Literature – Michele De Fulvio
  • A Visual Approach tot he Architecture of Sacred Buildings – Theresa Giandomenico
  • Three-Quarter Time – Gerald Williams
  • Sampling Along The Continuum of Feminist Thought: Enlightenment to the 20th Century – Elizabeth E. Johnson

May 1999

  • Walt Whitman’s Poetry through Music – Loretta Wood
  • The Theater District of London Gives Rise to A Childhood Fairy Tale – Sandra Wilson
  • Melodies and Mayhem: A Social History of Music and War – Jayne Vautour
  • Children’s amd Adolescents’ Behavior at Funerals: An Observational Account – James Ridge
  • Charles M. Schwab – Angelo Iossa
  • Attention Disorders: from Cause to Treatment – Tamara Angelino
  • Allopathic, Ethnocentric and Alternative Medicine Use Among Pediatric Patients in an Urban Emergency – Barbara Duffy
  • Grounding Affirmative Action – Christopher Harty

May 1998

  • The Black Church: Purpose and Function – Wade Stevens
  • Science and Nonsense: The Genesis of Darwinisticism – Dennis McGrath
  • Resurrecting the Great Mother: The Quest for the Modern Madonna – Carole Diamond
  • Faerielore: A Comparison of Faerieland Representation Between Poetry and Music – Annette Holba
  • Christa Wolf on Depressions, Death and Dying in Society – Blanca Figueroa
  • Addiction: Its Possible Causes, Symptoms and Recovery From – James Gordon

Jan 1997

  • Metamorphosis: The Journey of Initiation – Jackie Morfesis