Applying to the MA in Liberal Studies program

An application form is available online.  Applicants to the program should have a grade point average of B or better in their undergraduate major. 

The application includes:


  • Undergraduate transcript. (3.0 GPA preferred) 
  • A personal statement. Explain why you are applying to the program, what your intellectual interests are, and what you hope to gain from participating
  • CV showing what you have been doing since graduation from college.

Recommended, but not required:

  • Two letters of recommendation from former professors or other people who can comment on your intellectual abilities and academic skills. If you have been out of school for a long time and are no longer in touch with former professors for recommendations, you may contact the program director for a waiver.
  • A writing sample. An undergraduate research paper is ideal, or something that shows your ability to do academic writing.
  • The GRE is not required for admission.

Application Deadlines:   

Fall semester:   August 1
Spring semester:   Dec. 1
Summer session:   May 1

Scholarships:   All admitted students are automatically considered for academic merit scholarships based on their records.  In order to receive full consideration for scholarship grants, it is best to have all the required components of your application completed as early as possible.

Non-Matriculated Students

It is possible to enroll in individual classes on a non-matriculated basis.   Non-matriculated students still need to complete a basic application to the program.   An undergraduate transcript is required.
Non-matriculated students may take up to 12 credits.   You may change status to matriculated at any time with a special application form.   

Application Status

To check on the status of your application, or for any other questions, contact the MALS program director, Prof. Stuart Charmé, at 856-225-6237 or email