Spring 2021 

Special course offered by the History Graduate Program.   Please note that while this is an online class, it is a live “synchronous” class, meeting on Wednesday nights.

  • Accessibility and Inclusion in Public History and Public Life —  56:512:679, Spring 2021, W 6:00-8:50, Online 

    Accessibility and inclusion for people with are essential values every public historian is expected to embrace. These values also permeate work in other fields that touch public life, including medicine, secondary education, municipal services, and architecture and design. They have become even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in fundamental changes to the way everyone accesses the world. What is the history of accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities and others in public life? How does that history affect how people with disabilities engage with and participate in what happens at museums, libraries, and other sites of public history and culture? What is the difference between diversity and inclusion, in theory and in practice? How are they related, historically and today? Through readings, documentaries, assessments of online public-facing programming, written reflection, and discussion with practitioners in history and adjacent fields, students will develop a holistic understanding of the many forms accessibility and inclusion have taken historically and today. This class includes a collaborative project with the New Jersey Council for the Humanities.

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