Please fill this form out and send it alongwith your description of your capstone topic (see below) to your faculty adviser for approval.   Return signed form to the Graduate Liberal Studies director.  REMEMBER TO ATTACH THE DESCRIPTION OF YOUR CAPSTONE PROJECT TO THIS FORM.

Name:___________________________ Date: _________________________


Projected graduation date: ___________________

Name of Faculty Adviser : _______________________________________________________

Signature of Faculty Adviser : ____________________________________________________

Student Agreement:   “I understand that the expectation for capstone projects is that they are subject to at least one set of revisions.   I understand that a complete draft of my capstone project is due to my adviser one month prior to the deadline for submitting my finished capstone.   This will allow my adviser time to read the draft and recommend any necessary changes, and it will allow me time to make revisions before the final deadline (April 30th for May graduation, November 30th for January graduation)  I understand that if I do not submit my capstone drafts with the advance time described, my graduation may be delayed.   It is not my adviser’s responsibility to accept an unrevised capstone submitted after the deadline for the first draft”

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Capstone Topic*

In one page or less, please describe the general topic or area you have decided to explore.   Explain which disciplines you intend to employ to study your topic.   What are some of the questions you hope to answer?  Also please include a preliminary bibliography of at least 5 academic sources

*If you would like to declare an “Academic Concentration,” please attach the Academic Concentration Form to your Capstone Topic and Advisor Form.