Course Guide – Mays Landing Campus – Spring 2010 

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Literacy and the Arts 
MALS Seminar 
Th 5:00 – 7:40PM
Professor Nelly Toll

This course will explore the concept of critical literacy by teaching five of the great masterpieces of world literature and visual arts within the multi-cultural context. Once exposed to global literature (novels) and visual arts, students will question the status quo of politics as well as idelogoies within the writers’ and artists’ time period, thus, focusing on a theme such as race, war, religion, equality, and social justice. This will provide students with the opportunity to reflect on these issues vis a vis their own lived experience. The primary objectives of these investigations are: to analyze literature and art as a form of representation that operates within a cultural framework of ideas, assumptions and values; to recognize literary themes of injustice and its visual significance; to provide students with an opportunity to develop insight into diversity and to broaden his or her cultural and aesthetic horizon; to explore the interrelationship between art and literature as an artistic expression of mankind which requires total attention; and to recognize that art and literature add depth to the study of both.




Introduction to the New Testament 
MALS Seminar 
T 6:00 – 8:40PM
Professor Kenneth Banner

This course will look at a representative sample of the books found in the New Testament in the context of the Jewish, Greek and Roman world in which they were written.  It will explore their historical, social and literary background with the purpose of understanding the thought of the authors and the communities in which they lived.  From the Gospel accounts concerning Jesus through the letters of Paul to early Christian communities to the Book of Revelation’s portrayal of the Antichrist and the “end of the world” the course will constantly ask the question, “What were the ancient writers really saying to the people to whom they were writing?” 




Professor Stuart Charme

Independent study of a special interest to the student, under supervision of an advisor chosen in consultation with the program director.

Professor Stuart Charme




Professor Stuart Charme