1. Capstone Projects

…Were Never Meant to Survive The Imperilment of Black Women’s Health in the Twentieth and Twenty First Centuries – Lisa M. Waldron October 2022 Which Consequences Matter Most? An Analysis of Utilitarianism as a Guide for the Treatment of Disabled Persons in a Pandemic – Georgina E. Pinsley Embracing the…

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2. MALS students

  Diana Keough Mt Ephraim, NJ Jasmine Aycox Lindenwold, NJ Tom Coppinger Mt. Laurel, NJ Judy Grausso Matawan, NJ Lori Fox Charleston, SC   Karen King Suffolk, VA   Samuel Day Nashville, TN Briana Fleming Cinnaminson, NJ Patrick McGuinness Wall, NJ Heather Winesett Duluth, MN Lydia Green Secaucus, NJ Kristine…

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