Studies of Philosophy and Religion

56:606:641:91 Religion in America
Second seven weeks
Hybrid Course
T 6:00-8:40 PM
Professor Cox

A survey of the modern American religious landscape, following the traditions large and small that have established, influenced, challenged, and defended various ways of understanding what it is to be ‘American’. Special attention will be given to diversity within these traditions, particularly with regards to gender and sexuality. What does it mean to say that the United States is a Christian nation? Is there such a thing as the separation of church and state? How do adherents of various religions express their American identities as both distinct from and part of their faith traditions? What will the country’s religious future look like?

Studies in Psychological Theories and Research

56:606:651:91 Social Psychology in the Real World
First seven weeks
Hybrid Course
W 6:00-8:40 PM
Professor Cabiria

Are you who you say you are, or are you who I say you are? The creation of your identity is a constant give-and-take between how others perceive you and how you respond to those perceptions. Firmly grounded in social psychology, each week we will explore a different facet of why and how we relate to each other in order to achieve personal, family, social, and work-related goals. You will find this course to be surprising in many ways, as we connect the application of social psychology principles to real-world lives. Your own experiences and insights will be the foundation of our class activities.