The mission of the Graduate Liberal Studies Program is to offer students an opportunity to sample graduate level work from a variety of fields, methodologies, and disciplines and in so doing to gain a deeper appreciation of the value of interdisciplinary approaches to knowledge.

Students in the program are expected develop these skills: 

  1. to develop the ability to read graduate level sources with a high level of comprehension
  2. to think critically with a tolerance for ambiguity and recognition of a diversity of perspectives
  3. to undertake scholarly research and to express the results in clear well-organized writing.  
  4. to appreciate the benefits of interdisciplinary approaches to issues.

As you begin the MALS program, we would like to get an idea of how you evaluate your current abilities in these areas. This will enable to see where we need to offer more help and how well we have accomplished our goals when you reach the end of the program. Please fill out the form below.