The mission of the Graduate Liberal Studies Program is to offer students an opportunity to sample graduate level work from a variety of fields, methodologies, and disciplines and in so doing to gain a deeper appreciation of the value of interdisciplinary approaches to knowledge.

You have been out of the program now for at least a year and may have a different perspective on what you gained from the program, what you liked, and what you think could be improved. We would like to invite you to let us know how well the program accomplished its goals for you by filling out the form below.

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Rate how well the MALS program helped develop your skills

1. to use library search tools to find appropriate academic sources for research
2. to draw on perspectives from different disciplines to analyze an issue
3. to formulate an original thesis about a topic
4. to make an organized argument with logical points
5. to write clearly and persuasively
6. to maintain a reasonable schedule for completing the various steps of this project
7. Was the "Capstone Project" a valuable academic experience for you?