Studies of the Arts and Literature

Conceptual Art:  Strategies and Movements
Course runs:  7/24/17 – 8/16/17
Instructor:  Professor Demaray

In sentences 2 and 3 from Sentences on Conceptual Art, Sol LeWitt states: “Rational judgments repeat rational judgments. Irrational judgments lead to new experience.” In this class, we will create artistic works and learn about the nature of innovation by tracing the dematerialization of the art object through the history of Western art in the twentieth century.

Some of the conceptual strategies we will explore in Conceptual Art: Strategies and Movements include recontextualization, generative processes, frottage, performative actions, and site-based intervention. You will also learn how to write critique statements, give online presentations on current and historical works, and present your own projects within a formal critical structure.

Fiction Workshop:  Methods of Fiction
cross-listed with 50:989:307:A1
Course runs:  5/30/17 – 6/22/17
Instructor:  Professor Grodstein

Methods of Fiction is a workshop designed for every writer – from novice to well-practiced –  interested in strengthening his or her short stories and novels.  We will investigate the foundations of fiction: character, plot, dialogue, and setting, and practice by submitting our own short works.  We will complement our writing with the discussion of memorable contemporary short stories.  

This course will be taught by a New York Times best-selling novelist who has directed the Rutgers-Camden MFA program for five years.  Her novels include Our Short History , A Friend of the Family, and The Explanation for Everything.  You can find out more about her at

Studies of Politics and Society

Children and Disabilities
cross-listed with 50:163:381:A1
Course runs:  5/30/17 – 6/22/17
Instructor:  Professor Lupoid

This course draws from ongoing dialogues and debates in the interdisciplinary fields of disability studies and childhood studies in order to better understand how disabled children and disabled childhood(s) are discussed, researched, and understood. Students in this course will be introduced to medical and social models of disability, while exploring how childhood can be viewed as a historical, cultural, and social construction. The course will examine the way that children’s disabilities intersect with other categories of identity such as gender, sexuality, race, and class. It will also consider children’s disabilities cross-culturally and globally.

Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality

Gender, Sex & Visual Culture Thru Ages
Course runs:  5/30/17 – 7/6/17
Instructor:  Professor Griefen

This course will look at the contributions that have been made to art history and visual culture by women and queer artists from Ancient Greece to present day America, with special focus on modern and contemporary art. The course will also address visual art and culture beyond western art, taking a global view.  While looking at marginalized artists’ achievements, we will also consider the role exclusion, restriction, homophobia and censorship have played in determining how visual art is created, displayed and disseminated.  Students will learn to understand and use terminology from feminist and queer theory as it relates to cultural production and art history.  We will consider how our conceptions of feminism, homosexuality, gender performance, and transgender culture have transformed and interacted in recent decades.

Gender Education
cross-listed with 50:163:384:D1
Course runs:  6/26/17 – 7/20/17
Instructor:  Professor Malvern

Course description will be updated as it becomes available.