Studies of the 20th Century

56:606:531:91 History of the Sixities
T 6-8:40 pm
Online-Hybrid Section (50 percent online, 50 percent in class)
First seven weeks
Instructor: Professor Clemis

Description: The 1960s is a decade that continues to loom large in the American psyche. From the war in Vietnam to the rise of the counterculture movement to the struggle for social justice and civil rights, the period continues to capture the public’s imagination as a period of immense political, social, and cultural tumult. This class examines the “long” 1960s and situates it within the larger context of post-war America, a period when Americans wrestled with issues of profound national importance and when American values and the American way of life were not only severely challenged – both at home and abroad – but subject to sweeping transformation. This course will explore this volatile and highly important period predominantly through the lens of American politics, society, and culture. However, it will situate the profound changes in America’s political, social, and cultural landscapes within the context of a wider world, touching upon the nation’s role as a global superpower and exploring issues related to Cold War diplomacy and national security.

Studies in Psychology

56:606:651:91 Positive Psychology
M 6:00 pm – 8:40 pm
Online-Hybrid Section
Second seven weeks (50 percent online, 50 percent in class)
Instructor: Professor Cabiria

Description: Positive Psychology is the study of human potential and the outcomes of positive behavior. It looks at strengths rather than faults, with the goal of improving lives by focusing on what works instead of what does not. As an applied course, the approach will include real world examples to highlight the various concepts related to positive psychology. Each week, students will take a look at different aspects of life – work, home, social, cultural, and media-related – to better understand what it means to thrive using positive psychology principles. It is certain to be an interesting and thought-provoking course that will have students thinking differently about their approach to life.