Course Guide – Mays Landing Campus – Fall 2009 

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Justice, Forgiveness, and Reparations 
Th 6:00 – 8:40PM
Professor Madhi Ibn-Ziyad

The course of study stands at the intersection of recent multidisciplinary reflections on the grand narratives of justice, collective human rights, negotiated conflict resolution, the politics of repentance and memory, and the ever present need for healing in the human family. It grapples with reparative ideas from the fields of ethics, political and social philosophy, religion, law, international relations and history. It also touches on psychosocial dynamics such as historical memory, acknowledgment of responsibility, regret and apology, communal dignity, and reconciliation.




Culture of Childhood 
W 6:00 – 8:40PM
Professor Cynthia Saltzman

In this course we look at the lives of children and childhoods 
throughout United States history and also throughout the world. Of 
particular concern are the everyday lives of children, their lived 
experiences in various social and cultural contexts.  We examine 
changing patterns in family life, education and child labor. Attention 
will be given to the challenges children face as a result of poverty, 
violence, and poor healthcare. We consider not only what adults are 
doing in the face of these challenges, but also what children 
themselves are doing. In this course “the experts” include 
researchers, professionals, policy makers and the children themselves. 




Professor John Wall

Independent study of a special interest to the student, under supervision of an advisor chosen in consultation with the program director.



Professor John Wall


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