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After you have completed Part 1 of the Capstone Tutorial, please prepare a Capstone Proposal that includes the following 3 parts:

  1.  THESIS STATEMENT:   This is more than just your topic.   Your thesis is a particular perspective or claim about the topic that you will argue for in your capstone.  Your don’t have to have all the details of your thesis worked out yet, but you should be able to state the overall point you want to make about the topic or subject.

  2.  DETAILED OUTLINE:  Your outline should included full sentences that lay out the overall argument you will make to prove your thesis and the major points you will emphasize.   You need to have completed most of your research and digested it in order to prepare this outline.

  3.  ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY:  Please include 6-8 sources that are central to the argument of your Capstone.   Provide a paragraph or so for each sources that explains why you chose it, what ideas or information it offers for your thesis, and why it is important.   Please do not pad your bibliography with sources that do not actually seem that useful or relevant to your project.   The sources you include are the ones you have vetted and chosen as the best from among a larger group of sources you consulted.   Your sources should include primarily academic books and scholarly articles.   Beware of websites you find with Google, which are generally superficial and have less scholarly value.

Please send a copy of your Capstone Proposal to the MALS program director, your faculty advisor, and the MALS writing assistant.