Cultural Diversity

56:606:541 Global Childhoods
Cross-Listed With: 50:163:371:B1
Session Dates: 05/30/2017 – 07/06/2017
M-F: 8:45-10:35 am
Room: FA-108
Instructor: Professor Bergere

This course considers the 20th and 21st centuries as eras of globalization in which traditional social and familial structures are breaking down. Within this context children’s experiences are infused by influences from across the globe. In this course we will examine the extent to which children are impacted on by global factors including cultural and religious diversity and hybridity, transnational families and interethnic relationships. Salient issues will include children’s identity in a globalized world, the maintenance or erosion of tradition, the impact of travel and the impact of globalization on children’s cultural worlds. The course will draw on international examples of globalization and the interrelationships between local and global factors in children’s worlds. 

Studies of the Arts and Literature

56:606:608:A6 Ceramics
cross listed with 50:080:212:A6, 50:080:211:A6
Session Dates: 05/30/2017 – 06/22/2017
M,T,TH 6-9:40 pm
Room:  FA-103
Instructor: Professor Demaray

This dynamic hands-on class utilizes hand-building, slab-building and glaze to author works of art in clay. In this context students will also learn how to write about art while tracing the historic arc of this medium and actively participating in the innovations that are the hallmarks of modern day ceramics. The class will additionally consider nature of art as a medium for communication and the roll of the artist in society.Students need no prior background in art to take this class.

56:606:611 Historifications
Cross-Listed With: 50:350:391:B5, 56:350:594:B5
Session Dates: 05/30/2017 – 07/06/2017
T,TH 6-9:40 pm
Room:  ATG-218
Instructor: Professor Barbarese

Is there any difference between documents that make up the historical record and works of fiction? Both are examples of human discourse and subject to the same rules; they are produced and edited, exalted and condemned, remembered or forgotten for the same reasons. The course sets out to demonstrate an insight of Philip K. Dick: “The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words.” We will be looking at both the controllers and the controlled, the users and the used. Along with electronic handouts, the only required texts are a daily newspaper and two short contemporary novels.

56:606:612:J6 Transatlantic Literature
Cross-Listed With: 56:350:579:J6, 50:350:393:J6
Session Dates: 07/24/2017 – 08/16/2017
M,T 6-9:40 pm
Room:  ATG-218
Hybrid Section – Some Meetings Online
Instructor: Professor Singley

American and British literature in dialog, from romantic and gothic to realistic, modernist, and post-modernist. Some titles are from the MA in English Candidacy Exam reading list.

Women and Gender Studies

56:606:661:B1 Studies of Women, Gender, Sexuality:  Gender, Sex and Visual Culture Through the Ages
Session Dates: 07/24/2017 – 08/16/2017

M,T 6-9:40 pm
Room:  ATG-218
Instructor: Professor Griefen


Capstone Research

56:606:689 Capstone Research
Session Dates: 05/30/2017 – 08/16/2017

Independent study of special interest to the student, under supervision of an advisor chosen by the student in consultation with the program director Professor Charme.