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In addition to the courses that are listed above, MALS students may receive credit toward the MALS degree for other courses offered on campus subject to the following rules:

  1.  Graduate courses— Courses offered by programs in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences may be taken with written permission of the instructor and MALS director.  Courses offered by professional programs (Law, Business, Social Work, Nursing, Education) are generally NOT eligible for MALS credit.
  2. Advanced Undergraduate courses — MALS students may take a maximum of TWO undergraduate courses from the College of Arts and Sciences.   This option is especially useful for students who want to take courses in departments that do not offer graduate courses (e.g. philosophy, religion, political science, anthropology).  Only courses that are 300-level or above are eligible. In order to receive MALS graduate credit for an advanced undergraduate course, it is necessary to complete a “G-prefix Approval Form.”  This form must be signed by the instructor, the MALS director, and the graduate dean. 

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